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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

SSH2 Support in Eclipse

One of the things that has happened in Eclipse 3.2 is that the SSH2 client used by CVS has become a separate plug-in: com.jcraft.jsch. The Jsch library has been used since 3.0 for the SSH2 connection (extssh) support and is now also used to provide proxy support for pserver connections. In order to make the Jsch library accessible to the Core CVS plug-in, we needed to move it out of the extssh plug-in and into a separate plug-in. As a result of this, other plug-ins in Eclipse 3.2 can now make use of the Jsch library to make SSH2 connections.

It was a patch provided by Eugene Kuleshov to add the pserver proxy support that was the catalyst that resulted in the split. Atsuhiko Yamanaka from JCraft also played an active role in making this happen (Jcraft has also just posted an SFTP plugin on their website that makes use of the Jsch plugin to provide SFTP file transfers). I think this is a great example of how community members have worked together to make Eclipse better.


At 4:18 PM, Blogger Eugene Kuleshov said...

Actually the real catalyst was my disappointment with the situation around ssh and proxy support. It just happens that I got stuck in some network behind firewall and had few hours of the free time to look at this issue and create an initial patch. Though it took a few months and help from Michael and Atsuhiko to get it properly integrated. Thanks you guys to actually make it happend!


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