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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Common Navigator and the Synchronize view

Thanks to Chris, I saw Michael's Common Navigator post over the weekend. The framework is new in Eclipse 3.2 and there have been a number of questions about it on the eclipse-platform newsgroup already. Michael gives a pretty thourough description of the features of the framework. I would encourage anyone who provides a tree-based view of their model in Eclipse to check it out.

As it turns out, the new model-based synchronization support that was added in Eclipse 3.2 makes use of the Common Navigator framework to allow models like Java to appear in the Synchronize view. Here's a screenshot that shows our Team Example model, a Java model and the Resource model all in the same CVS synchronization.

For those that are curious, the Team Example model is available in the plugin which you can get from the repository or in the RC5 or later Eclipse Platform Example plug-ins download. The purpose of the example is to illustrate how to integrate logical models like Java with Team providers like CVS and includes Common Navigator extensions for both the Project Explorer and the Synchronize view. The RC5 version of the example is in reasonable shape but the version in HEAD is more complete.


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